Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Old Blog, New Projects. OOTD

So my blogging ability yet again failed and I haven't posted in an absolute age! I have however not given up my commitment to body positivity, fatshion or clothes swaps! Last year myself and Sarah who I met at a swap started running our own swaps based on the Yorkshire Rad Fat collectiv ones. We had three in total in 2013, and this year we're ready to really get the word out and make them something extra special!

I'm now doing the odd post at our official Plus Swap Notts site, so if you follow me here, please go and follow over there as well! I've duplicated this OOTD post that I wrote for that site since its relevant here too.

I want to showcase some of the great pieces I've essentially got FOR FREE at plus swaps so you guys can see what a great idea they really are!

I'll start with this pink dress I got at the first swap Sarah and I ran. Its a H&M dress in a pink hounds tooth fabric. Ultra comfy, 60s vibe and fun to wear.

I'm really not a pink person at all, but I saw this and loved it! Its something you can literally just throw over leggings and in my mind constitutes a whole outfit!

Worn today with my ankle height, cowboy boots and purple hello kitty glasses

More outfit posts with Plus Swap finds coming soon!

Don't forget its now only 3 weeks on Saturday until the next Nottingham Swap! Details of the event can be found on our facebook event via our facebook fan page!