Recommended Reading

I just wanted to share with you a few of the pages/links that have inspired me on my journey of self aceptance, changed my definition of health and beauty and are just all round generally awesome!

1  - Tess Munster - This lady kick started a chain reaction in my brain when I saw her beautiful plus size photos, such an inspiring person and full of positivity

2 - HAES UK Or HAES Blog - This concept again was like a light bulb, instead of trying to fix fat people with shame, loathing and diets, lets all practice a bit of self care and love. Eat what you love, exercise for the love of it. Pretty simple, yet life changing and completely opposite of what your average GP quack would recommend...

3 - Kate Harding A brilliantly written blog post about fat acceptance, debunking and calling out all the fattie haters out there...

4 - Feed me I'm Cranky A   - Bella is a HAES advocate. An ex-fattie but still finding her way on her own journey to health via intuitive eating. She posts some great (if alarming) articles on the state of the "war on obesity" in the States.

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