Friday, 31 August 2012

August Round-up in pictures

I can't actually believe that August is almost gone! I've still been holding out hope for an Indian summer, but since this year is the wettest summer on record since 1912 (yes wettest summer for a hundred years!), I think I better start putting the summer dresses away and dragging out the autumn/winter woolies.

This month has been pretty hectic, mainly with roller derby/team stuff. We played a public bout, met a load of famous olympians, met the cast from starlight express (they skate, we skate) and thats on top of 4 training sessions a week.

I also squeezed in a trip on my dads canal boat which was lovely. Nothing like family days out.

 1. Just chillin on the front of the boat 2. Me and my mum, AKA The Weenster.

 3. Peaceful canal  4. Loughborough lock

5. Hubby on the boat 6. Hubby enjoying a pint at our local

 7. Schmoogins love  8. Carboot bargins (must do an OOTD with this dress)

9. Tomato Bruschetta at home with friends 10. More strawberries!

11. The day we met starlight express! 12. Fancy dressing room!

13. Starlight Express, Starlight Express! 14. More carboot bargins

15. A rare, hair down day 16. Lazy sunday cat loves

17. Mini cakes baked in tin cans! 18. Delicious pudding

So how was everyone else's August. Missing it already or glad to see the back end?

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Monochrome Prints & Stripes

So I can't really say I put a lot of thought into this outfit...but you know, being a blogging novice I need the practice!

I'm lucky that work let me wear pretty much what I want, so that means sometimes I'm in a dress, accessories, full make up elaborate hair etc..and some days when rolling out of bed is a task, I can just throw something on. This was one of those days!

I wanted to wear my comfy Asda palazzo trousers for what will probably be the last time of the year, its already getting chilly (where were you British summer?!). The print is parrots.

I didn't bother with makeup today, since I was running late and just wore my usual pivot helmet (roller derby) necklace and specks. As you can see my strawberry obsession continues onto my skin - its my fave tattoo.


My stripey cardigan I got from Melton carboot and market on Monday for the princely sum of 50p! It was in need of a good wash, but I took the risk and it came out great! Long sleeves and a hood, with big buttons on the front.

My pumps are some old vans I got from Office a few years ago. They have a tendancy to pinch so I don't wear them a lot but they went with my monochrome theme today.

We went to Asda after I got home from work, as I needed to pick up my new leggings that I bought online and we needed some other bits. I couldn't resist a good rummage through the sale rail and found this red and black spotted beauty. They only had a couple left in 8's & 10's so when I found it in a size 14 I had to nip to the changing room in hope. Luckily its a pretty stretchy fabric and fits lovely. £8 bargain! I was only allowed to buy it if hubby could have a bottle of wine....fair deal there then!

Hopefully I'll do a proper outfit post with this and my new leggings in the next week or so.

Going Sheer

Just a super quick post to share my new top that I love. Got it from a little fashion shop in Loughborough. It was on a dummy outside and drew me in straight away. It's supposed to be super baggy on someone a few sizes smaller than me bit I like the way it fits.

It's billowy on my waist and tighter around my hips but at a nice length. I've been wearing it with nothing but my pink leopard print bra underneath. Something I'd have never dreamed of doing until recently and it makes me feel awesome!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

OOTD - first one!

So I thought I'd start off with the outfit I wore to work today. It's a casual simple feel that is so comfy.

Bit of a nautical stripe thing going on with my tunic from TKMax. Don't often get pieces from there since the only range I like is the hipster, young fashion range where a size 14 is considered XXL, but I found this piece for £6.99 and had to have it. It has pockets which is handy as my usual dress/leggings combo leaves me always needing a hand bag.

The cute cardigan is a carboot find I got ages ago and I think is a H&M one. Leggings from Asda. Shoes we're my wedding flats from BHS. My belt is an old favourite from the pound shop! Yep £1

There will be a running theme of super cheap through my outfit posts. I was always raised to thrift and get value for money, but since hubby's wages were effectively halved when he took an apprenticeship it's become even harder to feed a love of clothes! Also apologises for the photography not sure how best to take pictures. So man + iPhone is the best I have for now.

The shadow on the pic below is pegs on my washing line...think I need some practice at this!

A new beginning

Post numero uno! Welcome to my blog.

So this is the 3rd blog I've started in a year or so. The other two didn't really go so well. First I did a blog about my ankle break and subsequent recovery, which was great whilst the break was healing, but afterwards I had nothing to continue writing about. The 2nd was a diet blog...

Yep, I was going to try and blog myself thin with the aid of a "healthy plan". That lasted about 5 minutes too, and since then I've discovered the HAES approach (something I will no doubt mention many times in my new journey) I have vowed no more dieting. Instead I'm practicing a little self love.

I my recent discovery of fatopshere including HAES approaches and fat acceptance manifestos I've also become addicted to plus size fashion blogs which is the main inspiration for starting this!

So my main intention is to make this a fatshion blog documenting my outfits but will probably end up with lots of other stuff and be more of a lifestyle blog. I am world..again..for the 3rd time, but version 3.0 is brighter and better than before....