Thursday, 13 September 2012

OOTD - Cats & Leopards

Hi everyone! I've been a bit slow on the the old posting front. Life as ever gets in the way, but I have lots of posts plans and have been meaning to get this up for over a week!  Better planning and setting aside of time is in order.

I wore this outfit to work on what eventually turned out to be quite a hot day. Its definately more an autumn/winter combo.

Leopard print dress is a carboot find. Its a Next size 16, and is still really roomy. Paid £2 for it!

I would normally wear black leggings with something like this but wanted a bit of colour so went with clarat tights. I'm definately out of my comfort zone with the length, normally never have this much leg on show.

Cat boots and matching handbag are both irregular choice. Sadly I had to swap the boots for flats when I went to work as skating has mangled my feet and the cat boots really hurt to wear now :( I can't bear to part with them though.

Skull beads are from a market in Skegness. From a distance they have the illustion of chunky pearls which I love, and they make me feel like Wilma Flinstone when wearing them.

I used to have a huge ring obsession but the only finger I'm normally comfortable wearing them on is my wedding finger. So when I got married suddenly my rings didn't fit anymore. This is one of the few I've hung onto. A corker from TKMax when they breifly started selling jewellery. In some lights the stone looks aqua blue, in others a lovely purple.

Cat bag!

The belt I got on the same day as the dress from a carboot, but on a different stall. Slightly different colours but I like the contrast. Cost me 50p!

Is anyone else still struggling with the completely unpredicatable weather and interchangeable seasons? How do you cope when its hot one minute, then cold and rainy the next? xx