Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Round Up

Hi guys! Slow on the blogging front, as I'm having trouble actually photographic my outfits. Need to sort myself out!

Any way I did get a few snaps of some of the stuff I've been wearing this month. I had a mini spree on ebay, and got two pairs of shorts (bad timing I know, now the weather is turning, but I thought they'd be cute with thick tights.

The first are a pair of spotty New Look culottes in an 18. I thought I'd be brave and wear them with a black top tucked in so they were as visible as possible. 

Also wearing a simple black cardi, claret tights and my sneaker style heel wedges.

Here's a close up shot (on a different day) they are furry lined and can be worn rolled down too - only with my little shorts and red tights, I kinda felt like something from the movie Elf, so I left them up for the pictures. They were from peacocks last winter and are the only big heels I can wear these days 4inch but because they're wedge they're dead comfy.

The second pair of shorts I got where some denim ones. I wore this outfit to go bowling in and felt super cute. I'm wearing the same claret tights in this pic, with an off the shoulder top.
 Other things I've been up to? 
Eating lots of delicious muscles.

Finding time for the odd manicure

Helping the hubster test his cooking skills for college.

Not bothering with makeup most days

Wearing a flamboyant hat to work for Halloween

Going all out Halloween for skating practice (only to over heat so badly I had to throw up - don't exercise in hot costumes kids!)

And being scared by this huge beast! (car keys for scale)

How was your October? Oh god..its nearly Christmas!

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  1. My October flew by so fast I don't even remember it. I'm guessing it went well, haha! I love the first outfit and the shoes and the food looks delicious!