Friday, 31 August 2012

August Round-up in pictures

I can't actually believe that August is almost gone! I've still been holding out hope for an Indian summer, but since this year is the wettest summer on record since 1912 (yes wettest summer for a hundred years!), I think I better start putting the summer dresses away and dragging out the autumn/winter woolies.

This month has been pretty hectic, mainly with roller derby/team stuff. We played a public bout, met a load of famous olympians, met the cast from starlight express (they skate, we skate) and thats on top of 4 training sessions a week.

I also squeezed in a trip on my dads canal boat which was lovely. Nothing like family days out.

 1. Just chillin on the front of the boat 2. Me and my mum, AKA The Weenster.

 3. Peaceful canal  4. Loughborough lock

5. Hubby on the boat 6. Hubby enjoying a pint at our local

 7. Schmoogins love  8. Carboot bargins (must do an OOTD with this dress)

9. Tomato Bruschetta at home with friends 10. More strawberries!

11. The day we met starlight express! 12. Fancy dressing room!

13. Starlight Express, Starlight Express! 14. More carboot bargins

15. A rare, hair down day 16. Lazy sunday cat loves

17. Mini cakes baked in tin cans! 18. Delicious pudding

So how was everyone else's August. Missing it already or glad to see the back end?

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