Saturday, 29 September 2012

Give me your number...

Hi guys! This post has been on my mind for a while but I wanted to blog about clothing sizes! Inspired in part by yesterday's Proud of My Size link up, I think most of us probably have the same problem in actually pinning our bodies down to one size since it varies so hugely from shop to shop. 

To illustrate it here's a random selection of the clothing labels in my wardrobe, ranging from an 8 to a 22.

Yep, that’s right and every single piece pictured here fits me perfectly - or at least it fits exactly how I want it to fit.

The size 8 makes me laugh because I have never been that small in my adult life. Its a big cuddly, purple cardigan from Peacocks and was clearly meant to be "oversized". Even so, its so big it slips off my shoulders! It would look like a huge sack on someone of the size for which is was intended.

The 22 is actually my wedding dress label. Its a Vivian of Holloway 50's halter neck and admittedly had to be taken in slight in the bust, but only because I'm fairly small chested, the waist was a perfect fit!

So whats my point? Well my point is that a lot of people put great stock in the number that is in their clothes. I have slim friends who practically cry themselves to sleep when they have to purchase a size 12, instead of their normal 10 - which I find just silly! A) all shops are different and B) it doesn't mean they've suddenly got fatter over night and C) is it really the end of the world if they did get slightly bigger if they still feel great?

My advice to anyone is get good at eye-balling clothes. As an avid charity shop/car-boot raider and thrifter I look at clothes to see if I think they will fit me, then look at the label, then try them on. If they look good I wear them.The label makes no difference if when I wear it, it feels good.Sometimes manufacturers produce things to fit certain types and shapes, but sometimes going up or down a few sizes will produce different/better effects on different body sizes.

Here's my lovely new charity shop jumper from by French Connection. Its a 12 - clearly I'm not a 12 but I love the fit. It has super cute bows on the back too. If I had just looked at the label and not the fit, I'd have missed out!

So my lovely strawberries do you pay attention to clothes sizes? Or do you just buy what you want and what fits you?



  1. I buy what fits I've had to buy clothes 3or 4 sizes above my usual but it makes no difference to me if it fits it fits that's all that matters xx

  2. Hi, I found you from the link up! I just wanted to say thank you so much for this post. I too have clothes that are all OVER the radar especially since I like wearing vintage clothes. I think I have a range from a size 2 to a size 12. I don't worry about the numbers, because I know I feel good. I don't even know what I weigh! I stopped weighing myself 4 years ago and focused on how I felt and saw myself. Yay being free from numbers =]

  3. Hey there - just found your blog from the near-sighted owl. I either thrift or make my clothes myself, on the odd occasion I do buy off the rack I seem to be anywhere between a size 12 - 16, stores are so inconsistent! I try not to get too hung up on the size of clothes - its just a number after all.

  4. I can pour my body into a size 8 top and have it fit how I want it to fit, and clearly Im no size 8. It all depends on how you want that item to fit! But generally when Im shopping in normal stores I got for anything from 16 to 30. Specially since they all fit differently in different shops. But in charity shops, I'll try almost anything on, no matter what size it is.