Tuesday, 18 September 2012

High Tea and a red dress

Hello my lovelies! I've just got back from my holidays, managed to squeeze in a week off work and a 4 day mini break to Caister (near Great Yarmouth). The outfit I want to share with you is what I wore on one of my days off. We decided to visit a friends restaurant for high tea, so I decided to dress up. Man I was glad I did. The place is so special, and the outfit felt just right.


If you saw this post then you'll have had a glimpse of this lovely red dress I found at ASDA on the sale rail, and I've been wanting to wear it and do a post for a while. I've just worn leggings under this which do offer a small bit of support but otherwise I'm letting my shape hang free!

I'm not normally this brave, I have some issues with the way my hips go in and out and tummy issues. But I'm slowly starting to embrace it, and its so freeing! My mum got me the purple pumps from a discount store, they're mega comfy.

I also got this amazing coat from the same place on Sale for £10. It looks toasty, but its actually a really thin fabric with a lining. So its perfect for the between weather where its sunny with a bit of chill. I was drawn to it because its in my team colours, which ended up as a bit of a theme through this outfit - red and purple. 

The only size they had left was a 14. Its a little tight on the bust but still wearable.

The day before, I'd had my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever. Very cool! So I decided to make an effort with full makeup and even penciled a brow shape in which is another new thing to me.

I was also getting massively bored with my natural hair colour. I've been meaning to bleach it a little for a while, but I had to wait until I could get a colour remover to take out the red tones, from a Schwartzkopf bright red. I probably needn't have bothered as I got a bit bored waiting for the bleach to take and washed it out at this quite nice gingery tone anyway.What do you think? I just keep being reminded of honey badgers..can't imagine why?


 EDIT: - Totally forgot to add pics of the actual high tea, which was so awesome it has to be shared...


  1. amazing dress and a bargain too ! the tea looks lovely xx

  2. Aaaah I love the blonde bits! I wish my hair would look cute like this!