Sunday, 6 January 2013

Exciting things

So I am in possession of two very exciting things today.

The first is my hello kitty glasses. They are cheapy (£5.99) frames from amazon that I stuck on my Xmas wish list and hubby bought for me. Obv for that price they are just empty fashion glasses, but since they turned out to be the one thing I was most excited by on Christmas Day, I had to find someone who would lense then for me so that they are wearable (I'm short sighted, so need specs for distance)

Here's me on Xmas day, and me very happy bunny after they were lensed.

 Also today my new book arrived. I actually heard about it from F*ck the diets, and since that site often speaks a lot of sense I was intrigued when I saw this Free Range Humans idea - which basically involves crafting your own career based on who you are and the type of life you want to lead. 

So the glasses will be making an appearance in an outfit post soon and after I've read the book lets hope I can formulate a new life plan...

High hopes....


  1. Love those glasses, they're fantastic! Also, I'd love to hear your view on the book when you've finished it as it sounds rather intriguing.

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  3. The book is good so far! Its helping me think about what skills I have to offer. I just have to decide which one I want to pursue...

  4. great glasses and hat!! that book looks like a good read, the sort of book my boyfriend urges me to read (much better person than I!), and I go 'yeah, yeah' and go back to reading something trashy. Think I should definitely revise that tatic and read better...that book looks like a good place to start, I think!